By the end of this year Ukraine needs to pay its external debt 90,98 billion, or of $3.24 billion at the current exchange rate of the National Bank of Ukraine.

Until the end of the year Ukraine is to pay more than $3 billion of public debt – Ministry of Finance

This is evidenced by data the Ministry of Finance on the projected payments on the national debt as of August 27, reports Biznestsentr.

Including the repayment of debt before the end of the year it is planned to send 50,14 billion ($1.78 bn), and its maintenance – 40,84 billion ($1.45 billion).

At the same time, based on data from the Ministry of Finance, in 2019, the repayment and servicing of external debt will be 143,54 billion ($5.1 billion) in 2020 – 169,92 billion ($6,04 billion) in 2021 151,37 billion ($5.35 billion) in 2022 – 113,06 billion ($4 billion) in 2023 – 109,72 billion ($3,88 billion).

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As reported, according to the Finance Ministry, the total state (direct) and guaranteed debt of Ukraine in July 2018 declined by 0.76%, or $0.58 billion to us $75,71 billion.

At the same time, in the national currency, the national debt has increased by 1.38%, or 27,64 billion UAH – to UAH 2,026 trillion.

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