Khmelnitsky NPP 2 September 2018 plans to disconnect the second unit from the grid of the country for a major scheduled maintenance with a duration of 80 days.

Khmelnytska NPP will shut off the unit No. 2 for scheduled overhaul

It is stated in the message of "Energoatom", reports Biznestsentr.

During the repair campaign will be carried out a number of actions on reconstruction and modernization, replacement of a certain number of units, assemblies, parts.

During overhaul service providers will conduct the repair of the reactor using the ultrasonic inspection. Will be repair of mechanical, electrical equipment of the safety system channels.

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The overhaul is planned to be implemented on the equipment of the third generator, the third main circulation pump, the third cell backup diesel power plant, the cylinder high and the fourth low-pressure cylinder, the valve reactor and turbine compartments.

During the repair campaign will be carried out in-service inspection of metal of equipment and pipelines.

A set of actions will also relate to extension of equipment lifetime.

Khmelnitsky NPP located on the territory of Khmelnytsk region in the city of nepolokivtsi. In the composition of the Khmelnytsky NPP has two power units (VVER-1000) with a total capacity of 2000 MW (connected in 1987 and 2004). The main purpose of the station is the deficiency of electric capacity in the Western region of Ukraine.

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