AMC action block the start of construction of one of the largest data processing centres (DPC) for the national Bank and put into question the principle of dvuhetapnyh bidding.

AMC action undermined the principle of dvuhetapnyh bidding.

This writes in the article "Ghost troyeschina. How developers are "fighting" for the data center of the national Bank of Ukraine", reports Biznestsentr.

In early July, was opened bidding for the construction of the national Bank for the four-building data center in troyeschina in Kiev, on the territory of the banknote printing and minting works.

"The project with a preliminary estimated cost 339 million UAH, of course, attracted different participants, which, as usual, tried to drown each other before the auction, and ultimately failed purchases," the article reads.

In particular, a number of companies, including "Potalivo", which did not meet the criteria and have not been admitted to trading, filed a complaint in the AMC.

Despite the groundlessness of requirements of the AMC decided to cancel the auction than creating a pretty dangerous precedent, the authors write.

"AMCU in its decision, which cancelled the tender for the first stage because of an alleged absence of documents with price information, essentially putting the legality of the entire tender in question", – stated in the material.

The National Bank announced they were considering filing a lawsuit in court about cancellation of the decision of the AMC.

In NBU note that "Potalivo" filed a complaint not about their disqualification, and in the other four participants who were admitted.

"This demonstrates the desire of the Complainant to cancel the bidding process as a whole", – emphasized in Department.

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