The Pechersky district court of Kiev withdrew the arrest of the property owned by Vadim Bagale - brother associate of fugitive President Yanukovych, the former first Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov.

The Pechersky court withdrew the arrest of the property of the brother Arbuzov Bagoly

As reported mediaUA with reference to, it became known of it from the court.

The court withdrew the arrest of two land plots 0,1199 ha and 0,1365 ha residential building area 313,3 sqm, two-bedroom apartments, a basement with an area of 124.8 sq. m, non-residential integrated premises with an area of 396, 4 sq. m, built-in premises with total area of 91.4 sq. m. belonging to the brother of my mother.

Earlier, the Pechersk district court of Kyiv rejected the petition of protection ex-head of national Bank Sergey Arbuzov on the abolition of arrest of accounts of his wife Irene in the four banks for the sum more than 140 million UAH in the framework of criminal proceedings on suspicion Arbuzov of embezzling 220 million UAH of the state funds for the TV channel "BTB".

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