The balance of the single Treasury account (TSA) declined from 8.31 billion (April 1) to 5,546 billion UAH (by 1 may).

The balance of funds of the single account of the Treasury fell to the lowest level in 4 years

This is evidenced by the data of the State Treasury service of Ukraine, reports Biznestsentr.

For comparison, on may 1, 2017 the balance in the TSA was 31,08 billion UAH, on 1 may 2016 – 16.25 billion UAH, on may 1, 2015 – 23,56 billion UAH, on 1 may 2014 3.81 billion UAH.

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As reported, the balance of the single Treasury account (TSA) in March decreased by 15.7% from 9.85 billion (on March 1) to 8.31 billion UAH (by 1 April).

The balance of funds in the Single Treasury account (TSA) on 1 March 2018 was from 9.85 billion, which is 2 times less than on 1 February.

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