The national Bank of Ukraine (NBU) for the first month of using the functions of a Matching trade-Bloomberg information system at carrying out of currency interventions on the interbank market bought $226 million

The national Bank bought under the new methodology on the interbank market of $226 million for the month

So, in April of this year, 15 of the 17 intervention took place using the new functionality, reports Biznestsentr with reference to the press service of the NBU.

The most actively -12 times – conducted intervention at the best rate in which the national Bank concluded deals at the exchange rate, which the banks said using the new features. Three times held an intervention at a single rate.

"At the end of the first month of use functionality Matching the national Bank through it bought on the interbank currency market of $226 million and sold $24 million In particular, during interventions at the best rate purchased $146 million and sold 24 million During interventions at a single rate purchased $80 million", – stated in the message.

Overall, the national Bank in April 2018 bought nearly $327 million and sold $24 million

According to the report, the first month of use of the functional Matching has shown that an active trading hours is between 10:00 to 13:00. At this time, as a rule, the spread between bids to buy and sell currency is one-half penny.

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As reported, from April 2 in the updated regulations on the procedure and conditions of foreign currency trading the possibility of intervention through the use of the functional Matching transactions in trade and in information systems.

The NBU has indicated that a new functionality has a number of advantages, including efficiency and transparency in conduct of intervention, because Matching the national Bank of the counterparty chooses not to, and quotes, meets the criteria for intervention. Now to the new functionality connected 25 banks.

At the same time, with the functionality Matching the national Bank continues to implement foreign exchange intervention and using those functionals that have been used before. The way in which the national Bank carries out the intervention is determined by the current conditions, which are formed on the currency market, and the purpose of intervention.

In the second quarter, the national Bank has announced its intention to buy up to $10 million on the interbank foreign exchange market on the day for building up international reserves. Last week, three times the NBU entered the market with a specified target, buying only $30 million.

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