Thursday, may 3, Ukraine has started registration for participation in the additional session of external independent testing.

Today started registration for an additional session of EIT

As reported mediaUA, this was reported in the press service of the Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment.

Eligible to register during this period are:

- participants of the Antiterrorist operation, persons who live in the temporarily occupied territory or in localities where the public authorities temporarily do not exercise their powers, and therefore was not able to register in the main period;

- persons sentenced to imprisonment or taken into custody; all the necessary information about the procedure of external independent evaluation, such persons may receive from the administration of penal institutions;

- persons who in 2018 must pass the state final certification in the form of external evaluation, but for good reasons are unable to register at the main registration period.

Recommendations for participation in external evaluations is available in the section "registration Procedure" on the website of the Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment.

This year an additional session will start on 2 July with testing in Ukrainian language and literature, July 3 will be testing on math, July 4 – in English and Spanish; July 5 – biology and German language; 6 July – on the history of Ukraine; July 9 – geography and French; 10 July – in physics. Completed an additional session July 11 test in chemistry.

Read the " mediaUA": Students from the occupied Crimea and Donbas will be able to enter universities without VNO, - the Ministry of education

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