The Ministry of regional development, construction and housing and communal services enters the limits of the minimum and maximum population density in the building, limiting the potential for improving specific conditions.

The Ministry of regional development has limited the density of housing development

Corresponding changes are contained in the new draft GSN B. 2.2: 201Х "Planning and building of territories", which has already been approved and will be published in the near future, reports Biznestsentr with reference to the press service of the Ministry.

"Applicable regulations identified the maximum population density of 450 persons/ha, thus limiting its increase is not. That is, it may increase with the appropriate justification, and who it wants and justifies the need. The result – in some areas of large cities, we see continuous development with a density of 1000-2000 people/ha and the total lack of improvement and sotsinfrastruktury", – said the Deputy Minister Lev Partskhaladze.

"To exclude in the future such a situation and to provide people with comfortable living conditions, the new GOS will establish specific limitations on the possibility of increasing the density is allowed to increase to a maximum of 20% (540 persons/ha) if the following two mandatory conditions," the official added.

Such mandatory conditions include: placement on the district underground and/or multi-storey garages with Parking bays and cycle Parking; the presence of built-in and attached preschools and objects of daily and periodic maintenance, creation of terraces in residential and public buildings.

As emphasized in the Ministry, for the possibility of increasing the density of the population in the development of these conditions must be met simultaneously.

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Updated GOS "Planning and building of territories" to replace DBN 360-92 "urban development. Planning and construction of urban and rural settlements", DBN B. 2.4-1 - 94 "Planning and development of rural settlements", DBN B. 2.4-3 - 95 "the General plans of agricultural enterprises", GSN B. 2.4-4 - 97 "Planning and development of small agricultural enterprises and peasant (farmer) farms", GSN B. 1-2- 95 "the Structure, content, procedure of development, coordination and approval of complex schemes of transport for cities of Ukraine", the GOS II-89-80 "General plans of industrial enterprises".

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