In Germany, started building the German section of the disputed gas pipeline "Nord stream-2".

The construction of the "Nord stream-2" was launched in Germany - DW

As reported mediaUA with reference to the DW, on the ground a connecting point of the future gas pipeline in the town of Lubmin in Mecklenburg - Vorpommern area of about six hectares, work began on digging the pit and laying the Foundation for the gas receiving station and building maintenance.

About said the representative of the daughter "Gazprom" - the company Nord Stream in an interview with dpa on Thursday, may 3. He noted that work is being done in accordance with the established timetable.

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Through this pipeline from the end of 2019 is planned to be delivered from Russia to Germany about 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year. Permission from Sweden, Russia and Denmark on a project worth 9 billion euros is still pending. In the German environmental organization Nabu challenged in court issued by the authorities the permission to build the pipeline section in coastal waters.

"We are confident that you will receive all the appropriate permissions", - said the representative of Nord Stream. In Denmark, the area of the "Nord stream-2" is expected to be installed in parallel with existing first branch of "Nord stream" to the South of the island of Bornholm in the 12-mile Maritime zone.

According to the representative of Nord Stream, the first string of Nord stream was built in this corridor at the urgent request of Denmark, so the company is sure that the government in Copenhagen will agree to strip in the corridor and the "Nord stream - 2". Nevertheless, Nord Stream is developing alternative routes to bypass this 12-mile zone in the event of unforeseen complications.

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