Frontier guards of Donetsk border guard detachment have already documented several cases of cessation by Russia of non-military vessels for inspection. Court, beginning with April 30, the occupants stopped every day for inspection and identification sudocommand.

Russian began a strict policy of detention and inspection to Ukraine following the civil courts, - state border service. DOCUMENT

This writes the mediaUA with reference to the press service of the state border service.

"Note that any comments do not, however, the Russians began a strict policy of detention and inspection of ships, following in the direction of Ukraine", - stated in the message.

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"So, April 30, at the time of registration in Mariupol port of the ship (in sudokumania - the citizens of Turkey, Georgia, Egypt, Nigeria), EN route from Greece (CIOs) - Ukraine (Mariupol), (it became known that. - Ed.) the ship during the passage of the Strait of Kerch was stopped by a border guard ship FSB. The invaders had carried out inspection of the vessel and were identified by members of sudokumania. Comments from the occupants was not followed", - told the Agency.

In the state border service added that on the same day in the same way, stopped a ship EN route from Israel (Ashdod) - Ukraine (Mariupol), and his sudocommand consisted of Ukrainians.

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"The next day, the representatives of the aggressor country stopped the ship under the flag of Bulgaria (among the crew are citizens of Bulgaria), napravlyavshiesya on the route Italy (Nogaro) - Ukraine (Mariupol)," - said in information.

However, some court test several times. So, at the time of registration of the ship under the flag of Malta (among the crew: 16 citizens of Ukraine and 2 Turkish citizen) traveling route Italy (Monfalcone) - Ukraine (Mariupol), the ship during the passage of the Strait of Kerch was stopped in the same manner and in the time following the vessel's recommended course in the sea of Azov on the Berdyansk Spit off, he was again stopped by the Russians for re-inspection and identification of team members.

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On the eve of the representatives of the Russian Federation was stopped by the ship under the flag of Panama (the team consisting of citizens of Turkey and Georgia), on the route to Italy (Marghera) - Ukraine (Mariupol).

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