Ukrainian serviceman, missing the day before after shelling by mercenaries of the Russian Federation of positions of AFU near the settlement Shirokino because of debts in the tens of thousands of hryvnia deserted and crossed the line of contact, and currently the special services of the Russian terrorists "serves" it to a public interview, the purpose of which is to discredit the United forces and marine brigade APU

Disappeared on the eve of a soldier because of debts deserted by the mercenaries of the Russian Federation: it is prepared for the defamatory interview - the headquarters EP

This was reported in the press center of the operation joint forces, reports mediaUA.

"As previously reported, near the village of Shirokino, near Mariupol, revealed the absence of a soldier of the United forces. In the course of clarifying the circumstances revealed the following: a soldier left fighting stance; using a fire adjacent platoon strong point of Russian-terrorist troops disappeared from view mates and crossed the line of contact; the cause of absence without leave division became debts in a few tens of thousands of hryvnia," - said in the message.

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"According to intelligence reports, the security services of the Russian-terrorist troops are currently conducting "training" and force the soldier to give public interviews, with the aim of discrediting the United forces and marine brigade. Combined forces command stressed the irreversibility of the punishment. The combined forces perform combat missions only in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine and norms of International humanitarian law", - said at the headquarters of the OOS.

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