Today, 3 may 2018, Obolonskiy district court of Kiev held the 48th meeting of the essence in the case of treason and aiding and abetting the conduct of the war ex-the President Victor Yanukovych. It questioned krymchanin Andrei Nikiforov, a former security chief of "Mezhyhirya" Anatoly Kobylyanskogo.

The trial of Yanukovych: the examination of the witnesses Nikiforova and Kobylyanskogo. THE TRANSCRIPT OF THE MEETING

mediaUA led text online broadcast of the process.

12:20 Lawyers served the original statement of the ex-commander of Internal troops Stanislav Shulyak. In it he says he is in the Russian Federation in connection with the threat to his safety and the safety of his family members in Ukraine. He also States that he is ready to testify in the case of treason Yanukovych from the occupied Russian Crimea according to the procedure, which has been questioned a number of witnesses there. On 15 may he is ready to arrive to the Peninsula and to act in the Obolon court via video link 20 may.

The judge Devyatko recalls that the protection of the planned business trip abroad on these numbers.

Serdyuk said that the issue will be resolved: the trip will either migrate or go there by someone else.

Devyatko proposes to consider the possibility of questioning the Shulyak may 17, Serdyuk says that, in principle, possible.

Thus, the court decides to interview by video conference on 17 may witness Shulyak. Scheduled for tomorrow the questioning of the witness Ivantsov, one of the former guards of the fugitive President.

Court is adjourned until 10 am on 4 may.

12:15 the Prosecutor of Crimea, Where Yanukovych?

The witness: Based on the information in the media, he was in Kharkov. Left 22 day at 5 in the morning.

Serdyuk lawyer asks a clarifying question: are there now in the "Mezhyhiria" persons who seized the residence in 2014.

The witness: Yes, but those that have been peacefully adjusted. I communicate with them to this day.

The interrogation is over.

12:08 the Witness: After the capture of "Mezhyhirya" 22 the only object untouched was there "Honka". However on the 23rd I found out about the penetration of the current people's Deputy Tetiana Chornovol. She came with a group of armed men and walked away with a backpack. 25 the numbers in the building is penetrated thoroughly.

The lawyer Serdyukov: You can confirm the capture of "Mezhyhirya" people of Maidan commandant Parubiy.

The witness: February 25, when "Honky" went to people, I had a conversation with the well-known activist Jean, who seemed a man of Parubiya. He told me that before on the site were looters, and now they will put things in order. Two days later, they "cleaned" the machine was again taken out of the property.

Serdyuk, who defended the residence armed men.

The witness: They thought that he would come armed commandos to liberate the territory and were preparing to fight back.

12:02 the Lawyer Fozekosh: Why you did not return the guard into place.

The witness: 16 people did not decide anything in the case by an angry mob - was just a red rag to her.

Lawyer: What people said to Yanukovych?

The witness: It was the swearing. The most aggressive wanted to kill. Others said he should leave.

Lawyer: What gun were carrying activists?

The witness: mostly rifles.

11:40 Meeting continues. Invite the witness Anatoly Kobylyanskogo originally from Zhytomyr region - the former security chief of "Mezhyhirya".

Witness: in 1995, I was a member of the state guard, which carried out the protection of "mezhigorya". Viktor Yanukovych was living in the area even when he was head of the Donetsk regional state administration in Kiev. When he became Prime Minister, moved to No. 1 in the "Mezhyhiria" on a regular basis. In 2008 I retired, and then received an invitation from the Director of "Tantalite" choice to lead the company, which ensured the protection of the residence, to which I agreed. In 2011 he created his own security company. Signed a contract with "Tantalite" on the protection of the territory. Until February 22, 2014 secured this area. Personally, I was there until 3 March.

Lawyer Fazekas: What measures have been taken in connection with the protests on the Maidan.

Kobylinskiy: there were increased patrols and entry group... After it became known about the signing of the agreement on the settlement of the conflict, I left the residence. Then found out about the words on the rejection of the Qax any agreements. Then I called the employee and said that the guards are relieved of your post. I arrived at the site, where in the end I stayed, the security chief and two officers. 22 Feb side entry group on the street of Ivan Franko tightened Vyshgorod self-defence and said that "mezhigorye" nominated people from the Maidan. I told them that the object had no one. In the end we agreed to put the posts from among the active-side entry group on the street. and moved to organize the post-side entry group on Mezhigorskaya str. Arriving there, we saw the crowd, part of which was set aggressively. Had to block the road with two cars. When we returned to the entrance on the street of Ivan Franko, there was already a huge crowd of people. Some of them, at gunpoint, entered the territory of "mezhigorya". Started to hold the objects. I personally witnessed how armed men in the garage of Yanukovych could not share the car... In the end, the number of activists was formed, and security and set up roadblocks.

11:15 Lawyer Bilenko asks to interrogate as a witness the mother Nikiforova, who is present with my son.

Prosecutors object and judge Devyatko refused to questioning.

We will adjourn for 10 minutes for the preparation to examine the next witness.

11:06 Next, the lawyers in turn say that the prosecutors have to figure out why the witness was beaten by the radicals from Maidan, and not to find out his attitude towards Russia or Ukraine.

Prosecutors: Lawyer Fedorenko has just confirmed that the witness is not a participant in the events relevant to this case, and therefore, the prosecution takes all of your questions.

Lawyer Serdyuk: Times prosecutors had no more questions, I'll ask another. Who should be responsible for the loss of the Crimea to Ukraine?

Witness: Ukraine.

The judge Devyatko: what the loss of Crimea, you say? I do not understand!

Serdyuk: In this case we are talking about the loss of the Crimea as a result of criminal, negligent or even intentional actions of the people who came to power. We cited the facts, that say this. The same Chubarov. If the prosecutors will always ask, whose Crimea, the situation will not change.

Devyatko: Your position is clear.

10:58 the Prosecutor Kravchenko: what country do you live now?

Serdyuk protests.

The judge Devyatko said that Serdyuk specially is stalling its panels that the witness had the opportunity to consult with counsel Bilenko regarding the answer to the question and asked the Prosecutor to repeat the question.

Kravchenko: "the Crimea belongs to which country?"

Lawyer Bilenko says that the witness is difficult to answer this question.

Kravchenko: "whether or not you Supported the Russian occupation of the Crimea which belongs to Ukraine?"

Lawyers say that the issue is beyond the timeframe of the process, and that the witness at the time of the capture of the ark was in the hospital with serious injuries. They also ask the Prosecutor to justify the question.

The court is not against reasoning.

Kravchenko said that the question necessary for obtaining information on the essence of the process, as well as to determine the position of the witness regarding the ownership of the Crimea.

10:50 To the interrogation begins, the prosecution.

The Prosecutor of the Crimea asked the witness why he went on 18 February on the Maidan, knowing how he said that there he was in danger.

Nikiforov: We supported our President, who was illegally overthrown.

Prosecutor: You mentioned that you were told that the bus driver was killed. Who told you that?

The witness: Well, there's already people said.

The Prosecutor said that the witness mentioned the coup in front of the city Council and asked to clarify what kind of coup he had in mind.

First, the witness cannot answer the question, then hesitantly tells about the Maidan, straying in the notes.

10:44 Devyatko the Judge makes the lawyer Bilenko warning for leading the witness and violation of an order of questioning.

The witness continues to talk about the details of his beating, the nature of the injuries and recovery after injuries.

"In this regard, I was given disability group, third, true," - said Nikiforov.

Whether properly investigate the case against you crimes, asked Serdyuk.

Was not responsible witness.

I told you Crimeans about what happened when he came back, asked Serdyuk.

Of course, says Nikiforov.

Serdyuk: Who attacked you in your opinion?

The witness: Radicals, Bandera are there any.

10:32 Meeting continues. Start questioning antimaydanovtsa Andrei Nikiforov from the occupied Crimea.

The defense asks him to tell how he received injuries on 20 February 2014.

Nikiforov: I was in Mariinsky Park, I found out that we were nominated the radicals from Maidan, boarded the bus and went to the Crimea. We are constantly pursued. After shooting the wheel, the bus stopped. When I went out, got a stick on the head, lost consciousness and woke up in the bus. Then the ambulance arrived. I fell in and out of consciousness it. Eventually got to the Crimea, took medications that the volunteers passed.

The lawyer asks the witness to describe the damage inflicted.

The witness said that he had a fractured skull, broken leg, etc. as a result of hitting his car and blows on the head with sticks.

The Prosecutor Kravchenko protests and says that a lawyer Bilenko helped the witness, referring to a question of hitting a car, which itself Nikiforov did not mention.

Abruptly the video.

10:15 the Court decides to resume examination of witnesses for the defence, which was stated today by lawyers of Yanukovych. The first witness will be questioned Nikiforov, who arrives in the Russian occupied Crimea.

Devyatko the judge announces a 10 minute break to setup the equipment needed for questioning.

10:12 Serdiuk's Lawyer seeks to continue interrogation of witnesses of protection and insists on the impossibility of transition to the stage of the debate, while all the witnesses will not be questioned.

The prosecution submits that the reasons for the impossibility of questioning witnesses earlier, which claims protection, are not sufficient, and only through the fault of the advocates all stated their witnesses were not interrogated within the established deadlines.

10:10 to All parties and judge on the spot. The meeting began.

Recall that at the last meeting, on 19 April had been questioned by the former head of the General staff of Ukraine Yuri Ilyin, who lives in the Russian occupied Crimea. After questioning, the judge Devyatko announced the end of the trial and the transition to the stage of judicial debate, which aroused the disagreement of the defense. The lawyer Vitaly Serdyuk said that not interrogated all witnesses of the defence and that the trial is a political order. Later, the lawyers of Yanukovych, called the police, saying in court was a crime against the former President.

In the last court session testified the former regions Mikhail Dobkin.

44 meeting was held questioning the expert linguists from Kiev Institute of judicial examinations, and also heard the request of the defense

41 and 43 meetings, the court interrogated participants of the Maidan, the inhabitants of the occupied Russian Crimea Oksana and Valeria Medievo lugovskogo.

At the 39th meeting, the court started interrogation of witnesses by the defense. Testified the ex-foreign Minister Leonid Kozhara and the employee "UkSATSE" Andrei Chertkov.

At the 37th meeting, the court finished questioning witnesses for the prosecution. The latter testified that the ex-Ambassador of Ukraine to the Russian Federation, permanent representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Yelchenko and President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko.

The transcript of the questioning of previous witnesses for the prosecution, including the Secretary of the NSDC Oleksandr Turchynov, former Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk, interior Minister Arsen Avakov and speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrei Parubiy, read here.

Earlier Yanukovych has declared that will not participate in the trial in the case of high treason allegedly due to the fact that the result of this process is predetermined and recalled their lawyers. The accused was provided with a free lawyer Vitaly Machacek.

Lawyer free the fugitive Yanukovych supported the same line as the pay protection. However, he later stated that the case is too complicated, and August 17, Obolonskiy district court of Kiev has satisfied his rejection. August 21 Regional centers of free secondary legal aid in Kiev has identified a new lawyer Viktor Yanukovych in the case of high treason Maxim, Gerasko, which soon was dismissed by the court because of his "extremely unprofessional".

At the 17th meeting, on 26 October, Yanukovych was granted the third free lawyer Igor Lyashenko, which went out of business after at the request of the accused in the process returned his paid lawyers Vitaliy Serdyuk, Igor Fedorenko and Andriana Fozekosh.

We will remind, Yanukovych is charged with three articles of the Criminal code of Ukraine: article 111 (high treason), article 27, part 2 of article 437 (aiding in waging aggressive war); article 27, part 3 of article 110 (aiding and abetting in the violation of the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine that resulted in the death of people or other grave consequences).

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