Assistant Secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia Wes Mitchell reminded the leadership of the Russian Federation taken on the 2008 obligations.

"The world forgot": Assistant Secretary of state Mitchell in Georgia reminded of the Russian Federation on liabilities 2008

As reported mediaUA, writes "Georgia Online".

"Ten years ago there was a war and I'm here today to remind the Russian government that the world has not forgotten these events," said Mitchell, being in the village Odzisi the line of occupation.
With the situation the American visitor was presented by the Minister of foreign Affairs of Georgia, Deputy Prime Minister Mikhail Janelidze and the representative of the analytical Department of SGB.
"We recognize this dividing line as the international border. We are very concerned about the security of those Georgians who live here, for this line. We condemn any actions involving detentions, torture and killings of citizens of Georgia and condolences to the families of these people. We urge the Russian authorities to implement the commitments of the agreement on the ceasefire of 2008, to revoke the recognition of these regions and to facilitate humanitarian access to these regions. The United States is committed to Georgia and its security, and we appreciate the efforts that emanate from the government, Parliament and the people of Georgia to show loyalty to democratic reforms and to be a successful democratic country," said Mitchell.

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