Due to the failure of the sewer at the intersection of Leskov and Dahl in Nikolaev in the drains flooded the whole street. The utility while can not do anything.

Sewer water flooded the street in Nikolaev: residents draped the house with sandbags. VIDEO+Photos

As reported mediaUA with reference to "Nikvesti", on the street of Leskova on the roadway there are a lot of stinking lakes. Some of them have already "crawled" into the courts to nikolayevets. Moreover, directly under the feet of asphalt fails. In the largest of the "lakes" distinctly crackled - more to wash the asphalt and forms a pit.

The reason for all this was the accident that manifested itself a week ago at the beginning of the street at the warehouse.

Said that failures in the Sewerage systems were always there, but the stinking lake and fall through the asphalt. Employees "Nikolayevvodokanal" has these days come to the street Leskova, however, fix the problem and could not. During the week the water began to wash away the asphalt and now the cover sags completely throughout the sewer system.

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According to local residents, they call in all instances, even in the SSES, but to no avail. Arrived on the scene, police took a statement and left.

How to write "news-N", "Nikolayevvodokanal" focused attention on the fact that the arch collapsed due to corrosion of reinforced concrete, and the life of collector expired 11 years ago, the total length of the emergency area at the moment is 500 metres away.

"The cost of a replacement collector - 20 million 322 thousand UAH. Reconstruction of networks not included in the tariff for wastewater. The money for the reconstruction of the competence of deputies of city Council. Failures in this segment of the collector to happen the first time. The residents of the street Leskova daily exposed to mortal danger just by leaving home", - noted in "Nikolayevvodokanale".

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And while people are digging in and surrounded the house with sandbags.

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