Today, the first of may in Kiev should begin preparing for an extensive renovation Shulyavska overpass.

In Kiev, begins the reconstruction of the bridge shuliavska

This writes Biznestsentr, with reference to the press service of the Kyiv city gosudarstvenny administration.

According to estimates of the city authorities, the works will last for approximately 17 months. In may of this year will be work on the reorganization of the road, and the traffic on the bridge will be closed until June.

For traffic control installs 3 traffic lights, carry a contact network for the smooth movement of the trolley and make the mafs of radius reconstruction.

According to the officials of the scheme, the traffic on the street, Alexander Dovzhenko street Hetman (to karavaevy Duch) will be carried out through the streets of Anton Tzedeka (former street Eugene pottier) and Petra Nesterova (on Victory Avenue), garmatna, Vyborg and then return to the street Vadym Hetman.

From the street Vadym Hetman to the ulitsa Aleksandra Dovzhenko (in the side streets of Helena Teligi) can go on Victory Avenue, cross through the traffic light, and go on the street Dovzhenko.

Unilateral will of the street of Anton Tzedeka (eugène pottier) to the street Petra Nesterova, and from there in the direction of Victory Avenue (there will also be the light is installed).

The trolley runs from the Sevastopol area on the street Vadym Hetman will be the final stop "Industrial bridge"; from the side of the street Teligi street. – "Zelena".

Pedestrians will use the underground and ground transport, which also will be installed a traffic light. The traffic on the overpass through the Victory Avenue is scheduled to begin before the end of this year.

Last time shuliavska bridge was reconstructed about 30 years ago. The overpass for several years and was in poor condition. Its concrete pillars were damaged at several incident under it fires.

We will remind, the mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko on April 18 announced plans to municipal authorities to start repairing the bridge shuliavska this year. Estimated cost of works will amount to about 1.5 billion.

Among the three options interchanges officials chose a clover, for its construction will need to demolish the shop of the former factory "Bolshevik".

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