As a result of the terrorist attacks in Kabul April 30, killed ten journalists and injured another six.

The number of journalists killed in one day in terrorist attacks in Afghanistan increased to 10

It is reported mediaUA, reported the international organization "reporters without borders".

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According to her, yesterday's attack is the most serious attack on media workers in Afghanistan since the overthrow of the Taliban in 2001. Most of the dead journalists were under 30 years of age.

The victims were: the operator of TV channel ToloNews Yar Mohammad tokhi, three journalists Radio Azadai (Afghan edition of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty) Abdullah Anansi, Savon of Cakici and Maharam Darani, two operators TV1 Ghazi of Rasoli and Morosely Rajabiy, AFP photographer Shah Marai FeSi, reporter and cameraman Mashal TV Talash Salim and Ali Salimi.

On the same day as a result of the terrorist attacks in Khost province in Eastern Afghanistan killed 29-year-old reporter for the British media company BBC Ahmad Shah.

Severe injuries to the journalist Nazaire Hashemi from Al Jazeera, Omar Soltani from Reuters, Ahmadshah Azimi from Nedai Aghah, Ayar Amar from weekly Vahdat Mili and Davod Gayani of the channel Mivand.

According to the latest data, April 30 as a result of two terrorist attacks in Kabul killed 30 people, another 50 were injured.

Responsibility for the blast took the militants of the "Islamic state".

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