Entrants from the Crimea and uncontrollable parts of Donbas will be able to enter the Ukrainian universities or vocational schools under a simplified procedure - without the EIT.

Entrants from the occupied Crimea and Donbas will be able to enter universities without VNO, - the Ministry of education

About this mediaUA reported in the press service of MES.

Also joining them will not need to have a passport and a school certificate. To join under the simplified procedure will be from 4 June to 28 September through educational centers, "Donbass-Ukraine" and "Crimea-Ukraine". Educational centers, "Donbass-Ukraine" are created on the basis of the control of the Ukrainian authorities call the Donetsk and Luhansk displaced and universities. While the "Crimea-Ukraine" will operate on the basis of the WMD commissioners in different regions.

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For admission under the simplified system the applicant will need to come to an educational center, apply for and complete the education Declaration. Then pass the state final examination in 2 subjects (Ukrainian language, history of Ukraine) and to pass the entrance exam in one subject, a particular institution of higher education or a creative contest.

You will also need to obtain the school assigned to the educational center, temporary help for 3 months you need to replace the education document of the state sample (the certificate) .Also during the year, you can get the app to him. For this you have to pass an annual assessment on the basis of General educational institutions, which reserved for education center.

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To join through the educational centers are persons who do not have Ukrainian document on education and certificates, and those who have such a document and the certificates 2016, 2017 or 2018.

For applicants from the Crimea will be a special quota, and for students of Donbass higher education will be provided for a fixed volume of the state order. In addition, they primarily provide hostels for the period of study.

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