10.4% of respondents center for social and marketing research "Socis" from the number willing to participate in elections are ready to vote for the leader of the political party "all-Ukrainian Association "Batkivshchyna" Yulia Tymoshenko, 9.2 per cent - for President Petro Poroshenko on elections of the head of state.

Tymoshenko, Poroshenko, Hrytsenko, Vakarchuk and smartly - leaders of the presidential award of Ukrainians - poll. INFOGRAPHICS

As reported mediaUA such information listed on the website of the centre.

Respondents were asked to answer for whom they would vote, if presidential elections were held next Sunday.

Of all respondents, Yulia Tymoshenko is ready to vote 8.9% of respondents, Petro Poroshenko is 7.9%. Anatoly Gritsenko - By 7.7%, Svetoslav Vakarchuk - 6.9% And Yuriy Boyko Is 6.5%.

While 14.4% of respondents said that they would not take part in the elections, while 20.1% did not answer the question.

Among those who plan to vote, and 10.4% would vote for Tymoshenko, 9,2% - for Poroshenko, 9% - for the leader of the party "Civil initiative" Anatoly Gritsenko, 8.1 per cent for the singer Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, 7,6% - for the co-chair of the faction "Opposition bloc" in the Parliament Yuriy Boyko.

5.7% of the respondents would vote for the leader of the Radical party of Oleh Liashko, 5.4 percent - for the leader of the party "For life" Vadim Rabinovich, 2,7% - for the leader of the party "unity of "Self-help", Lviv mayor Andriy Sadovy, 1.5% - for the leader of the party "all-Ukrainian Association "Freedom" Oleg Tyagnibok, 0.7% - for the leader of the party "national body" Andrey Biletsky.

16.4% of respondents would support another candidate, with 23.5% did not answer the question.

Also, 17.6% of respondents believe that the next President of Ukraine is Petro Poroshenko

The survey was conducted on April 19-25.

By means of personal interviews were interviewed 3 thousand adult respondents.

Statistical sampling error the survey is not specified.

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