The Ministry of education and science of Ukraine and Bulgaria signed a Declaration on the implementation of the language article of the Ukrainian law "About education" and to safeguard the rights of the Bulgarian national minority.

Ukraine and Bulgaria signed a Declaration on the implementation of the language article of the law "On education"

This informs the mediaUA with reference to the press service of the Ministry of education.

"We appreciate the constructive position of Bulgaria according to the law "On education" and are pleased that finally managed to sign the Declaration on the rights of persons belonging to national minorities in Bulgaria, study the native language and to learn from it", - said the Ukrainian Minister Liliya Hrynevych.

According to the press service of the Declaration States that, along with the study of the state language of the Bulgarian minority will have the necessary conditions for learning and teaching in their native language.

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The parties specifically reaffirmed the importance of learning the state language "as a factor of integration and social harmony due to the expansion of the use of the state language in the educational process, in particular by increasing training time in the state language". The Declaration also involves the signing of a new Protocol on cooperation and exchange.

"The law "On education" guarantees that the Ukrainian children belonging to national minorities, will receive a sufficient level as native and state language for the realization of their constitutional rights. We propose to gradually introduce more subjects in the state language from the 5th grade. The number of subjects that are taught in Ukrainian, will gradually increase the class class to 11th to reach the proportions 60% of the subjects in Ukrainian and 40% of subjects in the minority language. This is a model that is successfully applied in EU countries," - said Grinevich.

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BP adopted a law on education signed

in the Romanian foreign Ministry expressed concern lie adopted the law on education announced that it would stop supporting Ukraine in the international arena. adopted resolution of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Hungary said on 26 September about the country's intention to block the rapprochement between Ukraine and the EU opposed the Ukrainian law
expertise in European Commission for democracy through law
entered into force the law "On education"
Education reform is important for the protection of national identity and language
refused to meet with Klimkin during his visit to Transcarpathia Hungary will require to reconsider the Association Agreement EU-Ukraine on Monday
Ukraine will not change the model of education in Hungarian schools until the receipt of the conclusions of the Venice Commission on the law on education of Ukraine and Hungary will work together over the mechanism of implementation of the education act
PACE held an emergency debate Ukraine has a legitimate right to protect the state language of 60% of pupils-the Hungarians were unable to take EIT in the Ukrainian language and to enter higher education, PACE adopted a resolution on education in the languages of national minorities in Ukraine
Poroshenko said in four languages for PACE on the question of the reform of education in Ukraine to fully implement the conclusions of the Venice Commission on the law on education, but the study of the language required.

11 December Venice Commission officially published a number of recommendations to Ukraine by the law on education in terms of education in the languages of national minorities.

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