The adjusted financial plan of state enterprise "national energy company "Ukrenergo" for the year 2018 provides for a reduction of costs for investment and staff.

"Ukrenergo" will be fired 3 000 workers and increase the salary of the Director 2 times

This is reported Nashi Groshi citing a draft adopted at the Cabinet meeting on 25 April document, reports Biznestsentr.

"Ukrenergo" has approved the financial plan for 2018 in December of last year, but has now filed a new document with significantly degraded performance.

In the explanatory note the company indicated that it was affected by the reduction rate of the enterprise 29% to 4.89 kopecks. per kilowatt/hour.

In particular, due to the reduction in the tariff for transportation of electricity "Ukrenergo" reduces by 1.35 billion worth of capital investment. The company has indicated that it will spend 1.2 billion UAH on reconstruction of substations and power lines, as well as conduct the repair with the completion of its office in Kiev.

Last year, the total projected number of company staff accounted for 11 687 workers, but in the revised financial plan, their number is less 2 907 people, or 25%.

At the same time in the previous version of the financial plan has also been a reduction of 1 289 employees.

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Despite a significant decrease in the number of workers, in comparison with the previous financial plan, the wage Fund will grow by 1%. At the same time, the salary of the Director will increase 28% to 511 thousand UAH, and in comparison with last year almost doubled.

The growth of salaries of administrative staff scheduled less rapid – 12,5% compared to the previous financial plan, wages of ordinary workers is planned at the level of 22% to 13.49 UAH.

As reported earlier, the Cabinet approved the adjusted financial plan of Ukrenergo in 2018 with a net profit of 2.55 billion against previously laid down in the document amount to 3.3 billion UAH.

Recall that the NEC "Ukrenergo" performs the management of the United energy systems of Ukraine, ensures the integrity of the ECO carries out the transmission of electricity through main and interstate power networks. Acting Director of "Ukrenergo" is Vsevolod Kovalchuk.

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