A number of producers joined blockchain-IBM project to track the origin and supply chain of diamonds and gold.

IBM will launch a blockchain-based platform for tracking diamonds

About it writes Kommersant with reference to Reuters, reports Biznestsentr.

Participants blockchain platform, dubbed TrustChain, will be able to create and update records on the origin and movement of precious metals and stones. Thanks to the blockchain technology underlying the TrustChain, hacking and falsification of data will be excluded. The project includes Berkshire Hathaway Richline Group, Asahi Refining, LeachGarner, Helzberg Diamonds and service provider in the field of safety engineering UL.

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The tracking service will be available at the end of 2018. Thus, a buyer of ring in the network of jewelry stores Helzberg Diamonds will be able to know in what country and on what the Deposit was mined precious metals and stones, on which plants were processed and how they got to the store.

According to General Manager of the blockchain IBM services Jason Kelly, the transparency platform will make consumers more confident that the product since the production is not faced with the "dirty areas", such as corruption, financing of terrorism, trafficking and other human rights violations.

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