The results of the survey of the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita indicate that Ukrainians want to stay and work in Poland.

The majority of Ukrainians want to stay in Poland – Rzeczpospolita

This writes Radio Poland, reports Biznestsentr.

"More than six out of ten migrants from Ukraine is planning to stay in our country longer. Half of them willingly have lived here forever, especially because most feels good in Poland", - the newspaper writes.

Ukrainians who live in Poland, especially pleased with the standard of living (88%) and availability of the services. Appreciate the friendly attitude of the poles (which notice 74%).

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The survey of nearly 400 Ukrainians residing in Poland for at least several months, was carried out by ARC Rynek i Opinia.

According to Deputy head of the company Adam Czarnecki, the results of this study show that messages about the hostile attitude of Poland to Ukrainians exaggerated.

Respondents most often came to Poland to work, but more than a third have involved study at the University. For Czarnecki, it gives a chance that some of them will remain here for permanent residence and they will partially fill the place that was left after the emigration of poles to the West.

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