Official Moscow does not hurry to answer to US sanctions against "Rusala" and the Russian oligarchs in the hope that the EU will be able to convince Washington to ease restrictions.

Russia hopes on the efforts of the EU for easing of US sanctions – media

This writes Reuters, citing sources, reports Biznestsentr.

On Monday, the U.S. Treasury has given a reprieve to American business, so that he could break off relations with RUSAL in the framework of the sanctions that were imposed on the company in early April.

According to the Agency, the delay became possible after a number of European countries urged to soften the regime against traded in Hong Kong by Russian companies.

According to sources in the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Moscow hopes that the heads of France and Germany during visits to the U.S. this week will be able to regain access of aluminium "RUSAL" to the European markets.

"Now all sit and wait, will agree on whether Merkel trump will do if she exceptions. This explains why Russia now is not with drawn swords," – said the Agency interlocutor.

At the same time, according to sources of Bloomberg, the basic owner "Rusala" Oleg Deripaska plans to retain control over the company, despite proposed by the U.S. Treasury the option of removing the company from the sanctions, Interfax reported.

According to the Agency, Deripaska also expects that the heads of EU governments will be able to achieve the US administration's easing of sanctions.

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The U.S. Treasury on Monday 23 April, said that he could remove the sanctions with "RUSAL", if Oleg Deripaska, will cease to control the company. Now Deripaska controls 48,13% of RUSAL.

Against the background of these statements by OFAC (the structure of the U.S. Treasury, responsible for law enforcement in the area of sanctions) issued a license, extending the authorization for business transaction with RUSAL to 23 Oct 2018.

Russia in its history has repeatedly used the bans on imports of a product adopted almost instantly, in response to disputes with other countries. This time it is very slow.

The state Duma on 13 April, prepared a draft law on the response to US sanctions, which will give authorities the ability to prohibit or restrict U.S. supplies. The first reading is scheduled for may 15.

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