Employees of the Department of police exposed in Kiev, a group of persons, within 5 years engaged in the manufacture and distribution of counterfeit documents.

The activities of organized crime groups, engaged in the manufacture and sale of forged documents, nipped in Kiev, the cyberpolice. Photos

This informs the mediaUA with reference to the Department of communication of the National police.

Operatives of the police found that the gang operated for the past five years and consisted of six Kiev aged 30 to 64 years. Attackers have developed the production and selling of forged documents of the state sample. Among them are diplomas, ID card, driving license, the certificate on the property right, passports of the citizen of Ukraine, as well as various seals and stamps.

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Thus, to obtain a fraudulent document to the customer had to go to the appropriate website and fill placed on it in the questionnaire, putting the document you want to produce. After that, customers pay the cost of the service (from 300 to 800 dollars depending on the complexity of the work). Delivery was by mail or courier.

To anonymize their activities and conspiratorial contacts with customers and among themselves, the attackers used specially registered accounts in mobile apps and messengers. The entrance to them was carried out using the VPN servers.

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Today, April 26, militiamen carried out simultaneously 12 authorized searches in the place of residence and stay of participants of the criminal group.

The results of the searches of the seized computer equipment, which was performed administration of web resources, mobile phones, Bank cards, printing of various organizations and institutions. Also seized notebooks and rough notes, digital media, forms of certificates, diplomas about the higher and incomplete higher education, as well as accessories parts and accessories for their manufacture. In addition, the police seized a substance similar to a narcotic and a device for shooting of rubber bullets and ammunition.

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Continues pre-trial investigation into criminal offenses under part 3 of article 190 (fraud) and part 3 St. 358 (forgery, seals, stamps and forms, their sale, use of counterfeit documents) the criminal code of Ukraine. Solves a question on presence in actions of officials of signs of crimes under articles 199 (Manufacture, possession, acquisition, transport, transfer, import to Ukraine with a sales objective or sale of counterfeit money, public securities or state lottery tickets) and 209 (Legalization (laundering ) of funds and other property obtained in a criminal way) the criminal code of Ukraine.

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