All applicants for high posts in the Ministry of defence are thoroughly checked, including the polygraph.

All applicants for senior positions in the Ministry of defence pass the polygraph. To do this, we created a whole office, - Poltorak

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"With regard to appointments we all the top positions check. But it is impossible to dismiss all those who have relatives in Russia. And I think it would be not quite right - so we go back to the Soviet Union. However, must be vigilant during appointments to high positions all pass the polygraph. To do this, we created a whole division," said the Minister, responding to a question about "Russian agents" in Mat.

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Poltorak noted that, of course, the Russian agents there, because "we have four years ago, the Minister of defence was a Russian citizen (we are talking about Pavel Lebedev, was Minister from 2012 until February 2014 - Ed.). And today they want to avoid the Russian agents - of course they do. We are working against them and get rid of. They have a lot less," he said.

"The agent can be detected and take a certain decision. It is much worse when people in the service, although not an agent of the Russian Federation, but his views remained at the level of the Soviet Union. Here we have to work with the staff to explain," he said .

The Minister also added that there are still people who consider Russia as a good neighbor. "Among those who were at the front, very few of these people. And among those who often have not been there, there are still those who believe that Russia is brothers and good neighbors," - said Poltorak.

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