The Antimonopoly Committee denied the group "Metinvest" in the purchase of "Dnipro coke plant" the structures of Roman Abramovich.

AMCU refused the "Metinvest" Akhmetov in buying the plant Abramovich

This was reported by General Director of "Metinvest" Yuri Ryzhenkov, Biznestsentr reports citing Ukrainian news.

"We received an official denial of the Antimonopoly Committee", – said the head of the company.

According to Ryzhenkov, after receiving the denial of Metinvest intends to address the Committee on this issue with a new argument, which should satisfy the AMC.

As earlier reported, the Dnieper coke was appointed General Director of the plant of the former Director included in the "Metinvest" largest manufacturer of naphthalene in Europe NPO "Inkor and Co" Eugene Deduce is Paul Rafalski.

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In September 2017, "Evraz Dneprodzerzhinsk coke and chemical plant" ("Evraz-DCHS") changed its name to "Dnipro coke plant" (DCHS) and transformed from public (PJSC) private joint stock company (PJSC).

The Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) 6 September 2017 officially announced the collection of information regarding the concentration on the market of coke and coke products in the process of making decisions about consent or refusal of Metinvest B. V. to acquire "Evraz-DCHS".

Note, according to Russian media, PJSC "Evraz Dneprodzerzhinsk coke and chemical plant", owned by the shareholders of Evraz, including Roman Abramovich, came under the control of "Metinvest" Rinat Akhmetov since the beginning of 2015. The company does not uchastvovala in the production chain of other Ukrainian assets of Evraz, she is not listed on the website of the holding company in the list of Ukrainian assets.

Previously, the group "Metinvest" received a number of approvals of the Antimonopoly bodies of other countries for the acquisition of the company, however, the completion of the transaction were not officially announced.

In addition, the CEO of Metinvest group Yuriy Ryzhenkov in 2015 confirmed interest in buying of the asset but state that there was no permit from the AMCU for the transaction.

PJSC "EVRAZ Dneprodzerzhinsk coke" specializiruetsya for the production of coke, tar, ammonium sulphate and by-products.

"Evraz-DCHS" finished 2016 with a net loss of 273,26 million UAH, while in 2015 was net income 254,51 million. However, net income fell by 13.1% to UAH 2.89 bn from 3.33 billion. Undistributed profit of the plant at the end of last year amounted to 238,45 million. In 2016, the plant, in particular, made 557,15 thousand tons of blast furnace coke, in 2015 – 581,12 thousand tons.

According to the company at the end of 2016, companies Salurex Limited, Мisandaiko Holdings Ltd, Мastinto Trading Ltd (Cyprus) and Altana Limited (British virgin Islands) is owned by 23,6384% of the share capital "Evraz-DCHS".

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