According to the results of 12 days of interviews, the first of thousands of judges judge 431 (75% of judges) corresponds to the position, 16 representatives of a Themis have not confirmed the ability to dispense justice. Relatively 103 was suspended, particularly because of improperly framed the conclusions of the Public Council of dobrochesnosti.

Kvalifitsirovani: VCXO recognized relevant positions 431 judge, 16 - are not capable of justice

It is reported mediaUA, this reports the press service of VCXO.

"Interview with the judges the first thousand are held in a collegiate VCXO for a day online three times a week. According to the results of interviews that took place from 23 March to 20 April has been listened 578 judges of local and appellate courts and adopted the following decisions:

- 431 the judge confirmed the ability to administer justice, that is, these judges recognized the relevant position;

- 16 judges were inconsistent with their positions;

relatively 103 judges adjourned;

- with regard to the 23 judges qualification evaluation is stopped;

- with respect to 2 of the judges evaluation is terminated;

- with respect to 3 - pending review.

The stage interviews were admitted only those judges who in the qualifying assessment passed duplex exam - anonymous written test and a practical assignment on the ability to shape judicial decisions. 31 the judge passed the exams, according to interviews, these judges were not allowed and subject to dismissal," - said in the message.

In VCXO stressed that in respect of 14 of the 16 judges found not qualified for their positions, the Commission did not receive any insights or information from the Public Council of dobrochesnosti. Among them - the judges who handed down decisions on the cases of independence and who were unable to explain the origins of property, and have other inconsistencies in the declarations. However, certain information in respect of judges appears on the website of OSD after the interview with the judge was held.

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It is also reported that the break against 103 judges declared due to the presence of the issues by the Commission at the dossier judges, and also because of the insights of the Public Council of dobrochesnosti provided the Commission with inadequate design, particularly with missing signatures of the members of the SC who voted for the adoption of such findings.

"In order to VCXO almost could account for these findings, OSD on deficiencies granted an additional 10 days. The decision by the judges will be made according to the schedule of assessment later. In the same way as in the 23 judges, with respect to which the evaluation is stopped because of open disciplinary cases to the VSP, as well as the grounds for disciplinary liability of a judge. Thus, with respect to 25% of the judges of the question a career remains open", - stated in the message.

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"The task is to evaluate all judges in the country is a serious challenge, but it is realistic. All of the estimation procedure is organized well and smoothly, in compliance with the legislation and international standards. Graphics procedures are not secret - and the judges who are evaluating, and choosing able to organize their work so as to comply with them. In my opinion, the best way to contribute to the update of judicial competition for the OSD to return to the performance of their duties as provided by law. Despite the significant number of judges who have not confirmed compliance of a post without provided relevant insights from GSO, the Institute is important for the purposes of assessment," - said a member of VKXW Michael Makarchuk.

The first thousand judges who pass the qualification review are in the stage of public interviews broadcast on the YouTube channel VCXO. This work was preceded by launched in November 2017, psychological testing and interviews with psychologists, the two-level exam preparation, detailed examination of the dossier of judges, containing submissions received by the Commission from numerous state bodies and institutions, including the National anti-corruption Bureau, NACP, GPU and SBU.

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Recall that from June 2016 2500 judges resigned, in particular, from-for unwillingness to undergo a qualification assessment. And this is 31% of the total number of judges in the country.

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