Held on Monday, April 23, the capital management of SBU searches at PJSC "Motor Sich" are part of the plan for raider capture of the enterprise.

Searches of the SBU are part of a plan for raider capture of PJSC "Motor Sich", - Boguslaev

As reported mediaUA with reference to "Interfax-Ukraine", about this p

"What happened yesterday is a part of raider attacks... This is a serious blow to the reputation. Today I met with representatives of some countries and explained to them that this is a raider capture", - he said.

"Groisman (Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. - Ed.) promised to remove the balaclavas, going to stop, "mask show", and yesterday to the plant through the checkpoint jump over the employees of "alpha" in balaclavas," he said, adding that one of the guards of the plant during the time of the SBU on "Motor Sich" received serious injuries and is currently in the hospital.

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Honorary President of "Motor Sich" categorically rejected the SBU announced on the stage of the ongoing pre-trial investigation the suspect, stressing: "Our shares are traded openly on the exchanges... I sold a 15% stake and has attracted investments: $100 million last year and the same in this," he said, adding: "If this pressure on large enterprises, I am even afraid to assume that happens with small and medium business".

Boguslaev stressed that the sale of the shares to a Chinese investor, as well as cooperation with the Chinese side for the organization of licensed production of Ukrainian aircraft engines in China are "Motor Siccu" in strict accordance with the law. Scheduled for April 25, the shareholders ' meeting of PJSC "Motor Sich" will be held as planned, he said.

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As informed mediaUA, 23 April, the press service of the SBU reported on PJSC "Motor Sich" investigative actions (searches) in the investigation of criminal proceedings under part 1 of article 14 and article 113 of the Criminal code of Ukraine (preparation for sabotage).

According to the press service of the SBU, the authorized searches in the administrative offices of the plant, the division of securities of "Motor Sich" and the places of residence of individuals was carried out by intelligence officers for the purpose of receiving additional evidence in criminal proceedings.

"SBU in collaboration with the FIU established that the sale of a controlling stake to a strategic object of PJSC "Motor Sich" was carried out to address individuals and companies of non-residents in amounts less than 10%, therefore there are suspicions about the attempt of interested persons to conceal substantial shareholders and ultimate beneficial owners of purchasers of the shares", - stated in the message on the website of the intelligence services.

"Currently, representatives of non-resident companies intend to concentrate the illegal acquired shares, which provides excess of 50% of votes in the Supreme management body of the society, and get full control over its activities in the field of military defense orders that the case is confirmed," - said in the message.

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In turn, PJSC "Motor Sich" in connection with the raids said the absence of the threat of collapse is scheduled for April 25 annual shareholders ' meeting of PJSC.

In September 2017, the Shevchenkovsky regional court of Kiev in its ruling granted the petition of the investigator of SBU about the arrest concentrated in the ownership of five offshore and in the accounts of the guardian of the company "dragon capital" 41% of shares of PJSC "Motor Sich" in connection with suspicion of the investigation in the conspiracy and the attempted elimination of a group of persons of importance to the defense and economy of the state enterprises through the sale and stock outside Ukraine. According to the investigation, in the framework carried out in 2016 of the transaction of purchase and sale of shares of "Motor Sich", to date 56% stake in the company indirectly owns a Chinese citizen, the owner of Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investment Co.

According to the published in may last year the plans of the Ukrainian side, now the "Motor Sich" and the Chinese Beijing Skyrizon Aviation Industry Investment Co. Ltd work partnership programme, providing for the licensed production of Ukrainian aircraft engines at facilities in China. The partnership programme also includes investment plans of the Chinese side to invest about $250 million in modernization of the production facilities of PJSC "Motor Sich".

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PJSC "Motor Sich" - one of the world's largest manufacturers of engines for aircraft, and industrial gas turbines. Delivers products in more than 100 countries. "Motor Sich" is participating in realization of state defense order (SDO) and is of strategic importance to the economy and national defense.

In 2012 in Zaporizhia created helicopter KB "Motor Sich". Currently, PJSC provides, including the production of multipurpose Mi-8MSB and Mi-2MSB, which are remoteservername and upgraded version of the Soviet multipurpose Mi-8T and Mi-2. In 2015, the "Motor Sich" started the delivery of helicopters to the army in the framework of the SDO.

According to the company, in the course scheduled for 25 April annual shareholders ' meeting scheduled to approve the financial results of the company for 2017, and update constituent documents and the composition of the Supervisory Board of PAO. The agenda of the meeting, including: approval of the annual report and results of the external audit PJSC, the distribution of profits and dividends amendments to articles of Association, provisions of the national Assembly and the Board of Directors of PJSC, as well as the reelection of the national Assembly of the company.

The company's net profit at the end of 2017 increased to 51,86% - up to 3 billion 104,174 million. Retained earnings as at 1 January 2018 amounted to 18 billion 440,6 mln.

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