The presidential bill on amendments to the law "On citizenship of Ukraine", providing new grounds for loss of Ukrainian citizenship, including residents of the occupied Crimea does not provide for deprivation of nationality for those persons who participated in the elections or have served in the army of another country under duress, says the representative of the President of Ukraine in the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Lutsenko.

Poroshenko proposes changes to law do not provide for deprivation of citizenship of those who participated in the elections or have served in the army of another country under duress, - Irina Lutsenko

"In V. 19 clearly, in black and white the paragraph proposed by the President, that all the responsibility for the pressure, pinching and forcing the Ukrainian citizens residing in Crimea, will be borne by the Russian Federation. And, therefore, the probable acquisition of citizenship for Ukrainians living in this area under pressure of the aggressor and occupier of the Russian Federation, will not be considered a violation of Ukrainian legislation, and these citizens will, as an exception, not to be involved and not to resign from the citizenship of Ukraine", - said I. Lutsenko to journalists on Tuesday in Kiev, reports mediaUA with reference to Interfax-Ukraine.

"Our citizens who were forced to commit those or other actions in the occupied territories in order to preserve life, not to get into jail to have the opportunity to feed my family, were forced to take part in the referendum at gunpoint or forced to serve in the Russian army or "LC" or "DNR" to be deprived of such criminal liability and will not be deprived of the citizenship of Ukraine", - said the MP.

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At the same time, according to her, the law States that losing the citizenship of Ukraine shall be persons "who, taking advantage of certain features, participate in elections in other countries" or serve in the army of another country voluntarily. "Liability of Ukrainian citizens that clearly fall within that didn't do it under duress, but did so voluntarily, will occur from the time when this law will come into effect", - said I. Lutsenko.

She also noted that the responsibility to provide for those "who organized the forced acquisition of citizenship of another country or forced participation in some referendums, elections, or there to serve in the Armed forces of another country".

I. Lutsenko reminded that amendments to the law on citizenship was registered in the Verkhovna Rada, "the document is already in the Parliament on the elaboration of a in a Committee". "The bill amends the rules regarding the granting of citizenship to persons who had no citizenship, to provide them with the opportunity, and citizens who had citizenship and violated the rules stipulated by the law on citizenship, deny them citizenship," - said the MP.

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According to her, the draft law "does not mention criminal responsibility" for the offense, "refers only to the deprivation of citizenship of citizens of Ukraine".

"Spells out a few points and provides some powers of the Commission under the President of Ukraine – control functions, to cross-check the submitted documents are also additional restrictions that will be applied to make decisions, to give any person who came to Ukraine, citizenship, or not provide," - said I. Lutsenko.

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