The scandalous publication of the magazine "New time" the purchase of BMP-1 in Poland is not true.

Poltorak has denied the existence of corruption in the procurement of infantry fighting vehicles in Poland: Journalists should carefully check the information

This was stated by Minister of defense Stepan Poltorak, in an interview with BBC News Ukraine, reports mediaUA.

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"The published information is not true, because the defense Ministry has procured combat vehicles for 169 thousand dollars. The information I read in a magazine - it was about 205 thousand. Sometimes the desire to fight corruption leads to unpredictable consequences. Every person, no matter who he is - a journalist or law enforcement - before you publish the information, should be careful to check it. Especially if it is associated with the defense of our country", - he stressed.

The Minister also said that now Ukraine buys through "Ukroboronprom", but considering that the defense Ministry could buy directly.

"In my opinion, this is absolutely the right decision. Because during foreign travel there are proposals for the procurement of weapons and equipment. If the transition to direct contracts - it will be much more efficient and cheaper. At the same time, when no such offers, we can refer to the special envoys, including from "Ukroboronprom". They are having wide network, can quickly find us the weapons, equipment, ammunition. That is, should act in such and such an option" - said the head of the defense Ministry.

Separately Poltorak noted that the time of transition to the new combat vehicles will be long as resources are limited.

"Our ability to repair or creation of new infantry fighting vehicles today is limited. So this is a decent and necessary. BMP purchased completely efficient, good equipment, can actively carry out combat missions. Feedback from commanders is very positive," he concluded.

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Previously, the newspaper "Novoe Vremya" published an article that talks about the massive corruption in the "Ukroboronprom" with the purchase of the Polish infantry fighting vehicles.

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