Ukraine has managed to overcome the blockade on the supply of weapons and equipment, which was in 2014.

Poltorak on the supply Javelin: Mattis agreed date. Now ready

As reported mediaUA, in an interview with BBC News Ukraine, published Tuesday on the website of the Ministry of defense.

"If you compare with 2014, the blockade, the reluctance to supply us with weapons and equipment, we have overcome. Regarding the supply of Javelin to Ukraine, they will in a timely manner. And during my last visit to the United States on 2 February we agreed with the Minister of defence Mattis about the date. I know exactly when they will be, we are ready. We selected people and prepare them. They undergo theoretical training, study different anti-tank system, not just the Javelin," said Poltorak.

The head of the defense Ministry of Ukraine said that, in his opinion, the American anti-tank Javelin pay too much attention. "For example, you shoot a Javelin at a distance of 2 km, "Stugna" (Ukrainian anti-tank missiles. - Ed.) - 5 km Javelin perform slightly different problem, but by themselves will not solve all the problems on the line of collision. Therefore, we should not overestimate the importance of the Javelin, and use them when need be - heavy and dangerous directions," he explained.

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And added that if "we were there 10 thousand Javelin is one thing, but when we have 35 of these units is quite another. So let's first get it, and then you will learn how we use it".

Poltorak also announced plans to purchase this year antisnaypersky complexes in Canada and on contracts concerning assistance from the United States, Lithuania, Latvia and Poland.

"If you compare with 2014, the blockade, the reluctance to supply us with weapons and equipment, we have overcome", - he said.

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The Minister said that the missile system domestic developments the "Alder" will arrive on arms of VSU in the near future. "In the next two weeks you will witness the completion of this work. Missile systems of volley fire "Smerch", which are produced in Russia. Of course, we will not buy, because forced to create your rocket. It will be much better in technical characteristics... When they completed the test, it will put on mass production. And in order to maintain the combat capability of our units, on the basis of such developments, we repaired the old rockets "Smerch", - said the Poltorak.

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