Termination of existing contracts with "Naftogaz" does not mean the termination of gas transit from Russia to the EU via Ukraine after 2019, the volume dependent on the position of the Ukrainian partners, said the Deputy Chairman of the Board "Gazprom" Alexander Medvedev.

Breaking contracts with Ukraine does not mean the transit stop, Gazprom

This is with reference to the Prime reports Biznestsentr.

"I can quote myself: I said that the contract that we signed on the transit until 2019 that it would not be renewed. But this statement does not mean that transit will not" - said Medvedev.

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"To answer this question is impossible, it Will be possible to answer it when we know the economic conditions of the transit that will be provided to Ukraine", - he told, answering a question on possible volumes of gas transit through Ukraine after 2019.

The Stockholm arbitration court in December 2017 and February 2018 issued decisions on disputes between Gazprom and Naftogaz in respect of contracts for supply and transit of gas, obliging the Russian company to pay the Ukrainian of 2.56 billion dollars.

At the end of April "Gazprom" has sent in the Stockholm arbitration court the documents on the termination of contracts with "Naftogaz" on gas supply and transit.

We will remind, the Stockholm arbitration has obliged "Gazprom" to pay "Naftogaz of Ukraine" $4.63 billion for failure to supply the agreed volumes of gas for transit. Thus, the results of two arbitration of disputes between companies on supply and transit of gas "Gazprom" should pay NAC $2.56 billion

In turn, "Gazprom" confirmed that must pay "Naftogaz Ukraine" $2,56 billion by the decision of arbitration in Stockholm.

However, "Gazprom" refused to start in March gas gas supply for "Naftogaz of Ukraine" and returned the Deposit payment, insisting on the necessity of signing an additional agreement to the existing contract for 2009-2019. In "Naftogaz" regard the refusal of Gazprom from deliveries of natural gas, according to the advance payment as a breach of contract and failure to comply with the arbitration award.

At the same time "Ukrtransgaz" has declared that "Gazprom" from the beginning, does not fulfill the technical conditions, the feeding of gas to the Ukrainian border with a drop in relation to the contract pressure.

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