Zhovtnevyi district court of Mariupol, Donetsk region convicted two employees of municipal Mariupol local history Museum, which admitted negligence (part 2, article 367 of the criminal code of Ukraine) and contributed to the transfer of 52 paintings of the XVII-XX centuries, the occupation authorities of the Crimea.

Ukraine voluntarily gave the invaders in the Crimea 52 paintings of the XVII-XX centuries due to the negligence of the Museum staff. LIST

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From the case materials that the February 18, 2014 art Museum of Simferopol and Mariupol local history Museum has signed a contract for exhibiting paintings at the exhibition "Russian and Ukrainian art of the XVIII - early XX century". On the same day from the Crimea to Mariupol arrived 52 paintings, which are the state part of Museum Fund of Ukraine. Their show was supposed to last until may 27, 2014.

At the same time, March 19, Mariupol Museum staff received a letter from the Director of the "Simferopol art Museum", in which she requested the return of works of art due to the tense socio-political situation in Ukraine. It is important to add that the official start date of temporary occupation of the Crimea Peninsula by the Russian Federation is 20 February 2014.

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The then head of the Mariupol local history Museum and now head of a branch of this institution "the Museum of folk life" Olga Chaplinskaya unilaterally terminated the contract about the exhibition of paintings from the Crimea. And head of Department of collections of the Art Museum. A. I. Kuindzhi KU "Mariupol local history Museum" Natalia Kurtisheva March 20, handed the messenger the Simferopol Museum, to whom was assigned the duty of transportation, 52 exhibited paintings.

The court finds that Chaplinsky and Kurtisheva, being official and materially responsible persons aware of the situation in the country, in connection with the seizure of the state buildings and the state bodies of Ukraine in the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol by the Russian military.

Questioned at the court session the accused guilty of committing an alleged criminal offence is fully acknowledged and sincerely repented.

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Eventually, Chaplin was sentenced to imprisonment for a term of three years, with disqualification to hold positions related to the implementation of organizational-administrative or administrative-economic duties for a period of one year. On the basis of application of the Amnesty law, the court freed her from the primary and additional punishment.

Kurtisheva sentenced to imprisonment for a term of three years, with disqualification to hold positions related to the implementation of organizational-administrative or administrative-economic duties for a period of 1 year, no penalty is imposed. Applying the Amnesty law, she was released from primary and additional punishment.

The list of paintings that have lost Ukraine:

  • Samokish, "Autumn landscape";
  • Samokish, "the Courtyard, lit by the sun";
  • Frentz, "the Inn";
  • Makovsky, "the hospital Visit" (sketch) ";
  • Polenov Landscape (sketch) ";
  • Huon "At the shore. The Pskova River ";
  • Krichevsky "Cyril Church";
  • Braz, "Portrait of a boy";
  • Crickets "Rider in the woods";
  • Tsionglinskiy "Mosque in Tiberias";
  • Zhukovsky "Passing";
  • Kolesov, "Portrait Gilyarova - Platonov";
  • Shebuev "the Chairman of the old man";
  • Setowski "Tradeswoman apples";
  • Rylov "The Village Makarie";
  • Yakovlev "No mercy";
  • Turjanski "Last flowers. Manor";
  • Shishkin "Road in the woods";
  • Levitan "Swamp" (sketch) ";
  • Fedotov "The Widow";
  • Vinogradov "Shepherdess";
  • Zhukovsky "the mill";
  • Wood "Autumn landscape";
  • Savrasov "The Landscape. Evening";
  • Korovin "Landscape with castle "(sketch of the scenery)";
  • Polenov "Landscape with boat";
  • Samokish "Trotter";
  • Casas "father's Portrait";
  • Riesberg "portrait of a girl";
  • Magdesian "Yard Alupka Palace";
  • Magdesian "Lubkivsky Palace";
  • Samokish "Troika" (the author's repetition) ";
  • Samokish "Petersburg tram";
  • Aivazovsky "moonlit night";
  • The Annunciation "the Old house";
  • The Annunciation "The Old Kremlin";
  • Chemesov "Portrait Of Elizabeth";
  • Utkin "Aeneas and Anhis";
  • Orlovskiy "Jump";
  • Orlowski "Self-Portrait";
  • Beggrov "Petersburg. Vladimir cathedral";
  • Rozanov, "the Church of the resurrection in Moscow";
  • Jordan "Torment Of The Savior";
  • Beggrov "First Line of Vasilievsky prison. Lutheran Church. Catherine";
  • Galaktionov "Peterhof. Gauzes";
  • Skorodumov "Diana and Actaeon";
  • Kachalov "Nevsky Prospekt";
  • Elyakov "Prospect of the Exchange and Gostiny Dvor";
  • Greeks "the Summer Palace of Empress Elizabeth";
  • Smirnov "Portrait Tomilova";
  • Mate "Portrait Of G. D. V.";
  • Kramskoy "portrait of Peter I" (with etching of portrait by I. Nikitin) ".