In Kiev on prospect Shukhevych (Vatutin) there was a terrible traffic accident that killed two people.

A terrible accident in Kiev: fleeing from police on the opposite, the Mercedes GL driver crashed into 3 cars - two dead. Photos+VIDEO

Reports mediaUA with reference to "Custody espresso", police saw the driver of a luxury SUV Mercedes GL, for unknown reasons, turning from Bulvar Perova Avenue Shukhevych (Vatutina), went against movement in the direction of Moscow bridge.

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The police, seeing such an inadequate maneuver, go for it, however, under the regulations, in their band - they watched his movement through the barrier. The driver of the Mercedes, when I saw that the next (via the bump) moves police Toyota Prius with included flashing beacons, only accelerated the movement, trying to break away.

For oncoming traffic at speeds over 100 km/h the driver was able to drive nearly two kilometres, after which there was a massive horrible accident. According to preliminary data, the first Mercedes GL collided with a taxi Dacia Logan, which was moving in the left lane. According to witnesses, resulting in a powerful blow taxi dropped back to Toyota minivan, moving behind him. After this shot, the taxi flew through the barrier into oncoming traffic. At this time, the Mercedes, which began to twist in the road, faced with the Audi Q5 and minibus Opel Vivaro.

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In result of road accident the driver of the Dacia Logan (approximate age 50) and 35-the summer woman-the passenger of the taxi died at the scene. Doctors "ambulance" hospitalized the woman-the passenger of a van for Opel and a grief-the driver of the Mercedes GL. According to witnesses, he had signs of intoxication, like it or not - will establish a medical examination. The driver of the Audi Q5, the car also which was a very powerful blow, was seriously injured as he used the seat belt. At the scene worked, the police and investigatory-operative group, whose staff will have to establish the exact mechanism of a traffic adventure.