As of 6 am on 4 February, the rescuers towed from the road 37 trucks.

Bad weather in Transcarpathia: without light there are about 20 settlements, roads cleared

The result of bad weather in Transcarpathia fully de-energized 17 settlements, other 5 partially. Reports mediaUA, this broadcast "112 Ukraine" the speaker of the Sses in the Transcarpathian region Natalia Batyr.

She said that now repair crews are working to restore electricity.

Also clarifies that the weather situation has stabilized and passage of vehicles on the roads of the area is provided in full, on road clearing work by the local highways. As of 6 am February 4, rescuers towed from the road 37 trucks.

Read on " mediaUA"In Ukraine due to bad weather are de-energized nearly 400 settlements

"Now the situation has stabilized. Almost midnight, rescuers have not towed trucks. As of 6 a.m. they were towed 37 units. In addition, there were cases of falling of trees, in one case - in Volovets district, this entailed the de-energization of settlements," - said the warrior.

Also, according to her, is not alarming and flood situation flooding is not expected.