Ukraine has set an ambitious plans to introduce standards of the Alliance by the end of 2020

An ambitious plan of compliance to NATO standards until 2020 runs 90% - Poltorak. VIDEO

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"Last summer, the Parliament adopted the law, which clearly defines the priorities. One of the priorities is the accession to the Alliance. In the active phase of reforming the armed forces that we meet all standards, we started a little less than two years ago. And I already said that the plan that we have set for ourselves, it is in most runs, but it all depends on financial resources, and we must clearly understand that everything that we do today, we do during combat operations and there must be very clear and sensitive to feel the situation, which is because we during the war in any case can't experiment: we have very little time, and we have no margin for error. We have no way to lose control of his troops, even for a moment. We need timely and quick decisions," - said the Minister of defence.

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"We have set ourselves ambitious plans for implementation of standards of the Alliance by the end of 2020, we are working on it. After two years, the percentage of completion - 90% of the planned activities. But again I say – it will depend on the circumstances in which we will be," he said.

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