The driver of the Mercedes GL, triggering a traffic accident on the Avenue of Shukhevych in the night on Sunday, which led to the death of two persons detained by law enforcement officers.

The culprit of the night's fatal accident on Shukhevych in Kiev detained - police

Reports mediaUA About it it is reported in the message of Department of communication of the police of Kiev on the page in Facebook.

"In fact a fatal accident on the Avenue Shukhevych initiated criminal proceedings... the Offender is detained as article 208 Criminally-the procedural code of Ukraine", - said in the message.

Law enforcement authorities also confirmed that in the accident, two people were killed and another two injured, and the culprit admitted to the hospital. The mechanism of the accident is established.

According to law enforcement 45-year-old driver of the car "Mercedes" I moved on the opposite lane Avenue Shukhevych and at the request of the police not stopped. In the future, the offender collided with a car "Dacia Logan", "Audi", "Toyota" and "Opel". As a result of road accident 50-the summer driver "Dacia" and his 35-year-old passenger died on the spot, and the driver "Audi", the passenger of "Opel" and the driver of "Mercedes" was hospitalized in the hospital.

Read on " mediaUA"From the beginning of the year in Ukraine happened nearly 17 thousand accidents, which killed 267 people

On this fact the investigation Department of the police of Kiev began pre-judicial investigation under part 3 St. 286 (Violation of traffic safety or transport operation by the persons operating vehicles) the Criminal code of Ukraine. The defendant, who at the time of the accident was in a state of intoxication, threatened with imprisonment for the term from five till ten years with deprivation of the right to drive vehicles for up to three years.