In the Park opposite the red building of the University. Savchenko, began the "March for the future", organized by the supporters of Mikheil Saakashvili and the "movement of new forces." Among the demands - the resignation of President Petro Poroshenko.

"March for the future" In Kiev, supporters of Saakashvili and the "movement of new forces" demanding the resignation of Poroshenko. photo essay

This writes the correspondent of mediaUA. According to him, the action has taken part about 4 thousand people. According to the police, the participants was about 2500.

The protesters intend to pass in a column from

specific requirements", which are published on the events page in Facebook:

1. The resignation of Poroshenko, a dictatorship which hinders the development of Ukraine.
2. Elections for a new Parliament, a constitutional majority of which will be 300 deputies, independent from one political power, the oligarchs, with a term of only 1 year, with the obligation to enact laws that will change the system and will be irreversible.
3. The new Government, which implements the Program of action "70 days of the new government".

"Until February 18 we will present the new government and dozens of presidential candidates. Next March bring one more person. We have no money to collect, so I'm asking you to bring one person," said Saakashvili at a rally on European square, adding that he intends to collect the same actions in all regional centers, poskolku " .

The leader of the "movement of new forces" also promised that online political force will publish a list of Nurdauletov with their addresses.

"We will publish photos of the homes and addresses of the deputies and people who have to vote for the resignation of Poroshenko. We form groups and we go to their house, tell you what they want – so they removed these politicians from power, and then are gone," said Saakashvili.

After the speech, Saakashvili announced the completion of the rally. At the same time, the part of the protesters went to the rally to home Poroshenko,

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