The Crimean Department of EMERCOM of Russia issued an emergency warning about the rise of the water level in some rivers of Crimea on February 4-5.

About the threat of floods on 4 and 5 February warned in the occupied Crimea

Reports mediaUA with reference to the Crimea.Realities, on 4 February, tells the website of the Kremlin-controlled agencies.

"In the second half of day on 4 February and the first half of the day on 5 February on some rivers of Crimea expected rises in water levels at 0.5 – 1.0 m without reaching dangerous heights," – said in the message.

Rescuers urged the Crimean people to follow safety rules while near the river.

In the Crimean Department of EMERCOM of Russia reported that with the passing of atmospheric frontal sections of the Mediterranean cyclone 3, 4 and the night of 5 February in the Crimea is expected severe weather conditions: the strengthening of the South-West changing to North-Western wind of 15-20 m/s, gusts up to 25 m/s. Forecasters promised day 4 and night 5 Feb strong, sometimes very heavy precipitation.

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