23 February - first Friday of lent.

Pope Francis called all believers of all religions to come together in prayer for peace on February 23

Pope Francis called on Catholics and other religions to prayer together on February 23 to "say no to violence and conflict". Reports mediaUA with reference to 112, this writes Reuters.

Recall that the 23 February is the first Friday of lent. During the traditional Sunday service, Pope Francis said, "Each one in his own conscience, before God, I have to ask: "What can I do for the world?"

Read on " mediaUA"I ask God to paused, Pope Francis at meeting with the faithful of the UGCC. photo essay

"Of course, we can pray, but not only: each of us can say "no" to violence in their own way, because of the victory obtained by violence are false victories, while working for peace benefits all," said the Pope.

He specifically offered to non-Catholics and nechristian to join the initiative as they see fit, "but all together."

Francis said that prayer and fasting should be directed especially to the peoples of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan.

Recall that lent in 2018 will run from 19 February to 7 April. 8 APR faithful of the Eastern rites will celebrate Easter.