"National corpus" is not a pocket project of a single political party.

Event "Razdrogin" on independence - the beginning of the election campaign "Nazarus", - Butusov

About it writes in the article "shades of gray" ZN.UA editor " mediaUA" journalist.

"I think that Biletsky during the war, strong enough to find your own companions, allies and resources. Biletsky and his friend, another people's Deputy"Azov" Oleg Petrenko - contact not only with interior Minister Avakov, but also with President Poroshenko, with other political forces. To maneuver wide. Situations where it is necessary to intervene a lot," he writes.

the journalist is sure that "Razdrogin" is a political project, the idea is designed to contribute to "Nazarus" and other right-wing could come to the Parliament.

Read on " mediaUA""National guards" and any other formation can only be within the law.

"The project of our hybrid policy during hybrid war. The appearance of structures, which in the eyes of the authorities to develop, taking over its functions in unresolved disputes, shows one of the key problems of development of the state at the moment muscular dystrophy. The government in Ukraine is weak and fragmented, and therefore leaves a lot of sites where it is not noticed or does not fulfill its obligations. "- writes the journalist.

In his opinion, the action on the Maidan is the beginning of the election campaign "Nazarus". This is "the invitation to join the organized ranks of those who want something point to do firmly and without hesitating. It is a demonstration that "Razdrogin" can not only go to the Maidan, but also to go anywhere."

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As you know, political party "national body" on Sunday, January 28, 2018, hosted the event, which was sworn more than 500 participants of the public organization "National militia".

According to the information on the website of NGO "National team" is a voluntary Association created to maintain order on the streets of Ukrainian cities. The personnel of the organization are ex - combatants and Patriotic youth.