The movie about the anti-terrorist operation "War of the chimeras" in theaters seven cities of Ukraine, together with eight films DOCU/HIT ended.

"The film is running. Change things from the inside" - directed by Starojicka summed up the first results of the film about the anti-terrorist operation "War Chimera"according to mediaUAabout this on his page in Facebook wrote the film's Director, Maria Starojicka, which summed up the first results. Read full.
"The Director, who saw the eyes of the audience after the showing of the movie at the box office, that is not the same Director who did the movie mounted and rewired, waiting for the verdict of the festival jury or annoying questions for the Q&A after the screening.
This is the person with the power and inspiration to create new films on.
We saw. So consider this post coming out.
The film works.
Exactly as we had hoped. And even so, not as hoped.
Change things from the inside.
Provides an opportunity to understand what war is, to those who it was not.
And those who were, too.
As a random recruitment is slowly being pulled inside the story and then throws the viewer out excited.
This is not advertising, this is the way it is. And each time surprised even us.
Such films was not.

As for the story, critics have compared her with the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice, and also chided the authors in the desire to cut herself in the living.
The same cut.
Director Anastasia Starojicka and the operator Valery Lavrinov (the fighter with the Callsign Laurus) on this journey of documenting my own thoughts and encounters he faced, and with love, and the deaths of friends, and most appear in the frame to figure out their relationship, and what you experience during the war.
When I went to is our annual trip, I wanted to see and feel what war that was imposed on the country. And tell about it to the world.
There was only the square with drawers "on the liberation of the Crimea" and in the volunteer battalions. We started off as escort to the war, then - as volunteers-the protesters are trained in the training of Petrivtsi.

Did not know, and nobody of course did not know what would happen next Ilovaysk, injuries and the death of the old and new friends, recognition of captured Russian soldiers, shot in the "corridor", three days of the Laurel exit out of the encirclement, desperate cry of the mother at the funeral of our friend's Aircraft and a joint trip to the broken Sands on the front.
Laurel and Nasty talk behind the scenes and in the frame I feel. Say like each other. As if there is nobody. And nobody was - documentary footage, he was holding the camera, it. When both the frame - off I, the first Director, and then mother Anastasia and mother named Laurel since independence.
The miracle of turning the filming of the movie carried our team, which we are extremely grateful - is a film editor Richard Bazarkin, Director narration Tetiana Symon, sound Vasyl Gudz, operator Yuri Bedenko, colorist Tom Sirko and composer Anton Baibakov.
Now two months last impressions of a travelling festival DOCUDAYS UA film clubs in cities and towns,
and we are planning on further fate of the film, so waiting for suggestions.