First Vice-speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, member of the humanitarian sub-group of the TAG in the Donbass Irina Gerashchenko told about the talks today in Minsk.

Agreed about the opening KPVV "gold", - Irina Gerashchenko on the negotiations in Minskey reports mediaUA, she wrote about it on Facebook.
Gerashchenko noted: "Minsk. From constructive - PPC "Golden" because of our requirements, finally, will be opened. This will facilitate movement between the line of collision for thousands of people.

Hostages. Ukraine a month ago, has said it is ready to transmit 302 the offender for release 81 of Ukrainians confirmed ORDO in the occupied territories. All in all, the list of the SBU today is 152 hostages in ORDO, the number is growing, because are grabbing civil for Pro-Ukrainian views.
The stumbling block is the demand for Amnesty for "Berkut officers" and other characters that have no relation to the Donbass. Work to was good news for the families of our hostages until all is difficult, but moving. With faith. To the other side to keep his word.... Vaughn and Russian, and ORDO promised that before January 1, will free Teens and kids still in jail. Today asked this question of compliance of the publicly announced promises to the OSCE, and demanded the immediate release of the children.
Discussed the need to provide adequate medical services to hostages, since all guys have health problems. A separate theme - the search for missing, we reiterated our readiness to immediately establish a mechanism with the participation of Ukraine, Russia and the OSCE to search for the missing and the exhumations of the victims. But Russia continues while the song "we're not there" and does not agree to the search of their lost "poteryalos".
I still hope that the hostages will be able to unlock.

"It is noteworthy that Russia and their puppets are very disappointed, voted by the Verkhovna Rada laws on the Donbas, they were confident that the vote will not pass. But the joy with which things were thrown about the mess in BP, "the Overthrow of the junta now." All tradepile was yelling at us about Givi-Motorola BP. But Motorola you know where. But their friends and girlfriends, apparently, happy to be in these days were from BP, this action inspires them. We upset. No action will not, and will medifarma, immunity, and other important issues and reforms which further alienate Ukraine from the "Russian world", to the West, to the EU.
Hard day. But I hope, not stupid, because the people in the Luhansk region wait KPVV in Gold, and we finally, after a year and a half put the squeeze on the opening. Work on the hostages. Very trying as quickly as possible to unblock the process of liberation."