The Kyiv court of appeals on October 18 has not considered the complaint against the measure of restraint advocates ex-judges of the Kirov court of the Dnieper Natalia Ovcharenko as the Prosecutor General's office has not coordinated its delivery from prison.

Ex-judge Ovcharenko, a suspect in a bribe Golodnitsky, remains in jail, her appeal perenesli it to the correspondent of mediaUA announced the court clerk.
"HCP has given permission for delivery Ovcharenko from prison," said the Secretary.
Also on October 18, was appointed an appeal against the measure of restraint for the head of the Kirov court Gennady Podbereznaya. But the meeting did not take place.
"Not received the materials," explained the journalist mediaUA lawyer judges Podbelskogo Eugene sweet. Last week the meeting was not held for the same reason

On 17 October the High Council of justice dismissed Podbelskogo from office.
Before Ovcharenko and Podbelskogo the decision of the court arrested for 60 days with collateral for 5 million UAH. As you know, Podbelskogo made UAH 5 million bail and he's out now.
As you know, September 21, in the office of the head of the Specialized anti-corruption Prosecutor's office of Nazar Golodnitsky at attempt of transfer of a bribe of the GPU and the SBU detained the Chairman of the Kirov district court str of Gennadypadalka, and ex-judge of the court Natalia Ovcharenko. According to prosecutors, the head of the court and former judge tried to bribe the head of SAP in the amount of 300 thousand US dollars for closing of criminal proceedings against the latter. They were detained in the transfer of this sum of 50 thousand dollars.