In the presidential Administration confirmed that Poroshenko intends to meet with the people's Deputy from the Bloc of Petro Poroshenko Mustafa Nayem.

Today Poroshenko will meet one on one with the Hire, - "the Ukrainian truth"reports mediaUAabout it "the Ukrainian truth" reported in the press service of the AP.
"The reception of the President of Ukraine appealed to the MP Mustafa Nayem. Petro Poroshenko confirmed that he was ready to meet him face to face. Other participants in the meeting was not", - said the press service.
At the same time, according to the newspaper, the meeting should take place in the nineteenth hours.
Later Nayem on Facebook said: "the Manipulation of the presidential administration. Don't need any favors and get-togethers.
Assistant to the President, Yuri Onishchenko has got a list of people's deputies and co-authors of the bill who want to meet with Petro Poroshenko."