Illegally a prisoner in Russia, 19-year-old Ukrainian Pavel Fungus need surgery, which may prevent the development of disease.

Held in the Russian Federation Pavel Grib is in urgent need of surgery, attending surgeon Protolab this informed the doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, Department of pediatric surgery of the National medical University. Bogomolets Vasyl Prytula, reports mediaUA with reference to UNIAN.

"I'm Paul Mushroom and parents communicate since 2003, when Paul was still 4.5 years when he first approached us in the hospital "OKHMATDYT" for examination. He was diagnosed with portal hypertension is a disease that can be complicated by bleeding from veins of the stomach, esophagus and/or epistaxis. Bleeding can be quite heavy, up to very unpleasant conditions," - said the doctor.
According to him, annually the Paul Mushroom was under supervision of doctors "Ohmatdyt" and every year his disease progressed.
"August 18 this year, the parents of Paul came to me for consultation with the survey. We decided that Paul contact the surgeons of the National Institute of surgery and Transplantology. Shalimov in order to plan surgical intervention," he said.
But the guy was not operated, due to the fact that in the Belarusian city of Gomel he was kidnapped by agents of the Federal security service of Russia.

Also Prytula noted that this is a chronic disease, and maintenance therapy, proper nutrition and limited physical exercise slows its progress.
"If it's not done, or the person gets in a stressful situation, the status of such a person may suddenly deteriorate until the very unpleasant," said the doctor.
The doctor said that in remand centre No. 5 in Krasnodar, where illegally held Ukrainian, were transferred for the procurement of drugs for the liver, drugs to inmate Ukrainians did not reach.
We will remind, the Ukrainian reserve officer Igor Grib told about the kidnapping by the Russian secret services of his son in Belarus: "the FSB has lured Paul in Gomel, under the guise of meeting with a girl, and detained ". Igor Grib announced that his son Paul Mushroom Aug 24, went to a meeting with the girl, which previously communicated only through social networks in Belarus. After gone. When Igor arrived in Belarus, he was told that his son is wanted on the initiative of the FSB. Border agencies of Belarus declined to give the father any information about his son. Father Paul is sure that Russian security forces conducted the operation in order to lure his son to Belarus and "to put him there handcuffed for posts in social networks ". However, the state border service of Ukraine has officially confirmed the fact of crossing by Pavel Mushroom the border with Belarus.
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August 30, Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine on European integration Olena zerkal said that "Belarus in words behaves as a partner, but in fact operates quite differently." The announcement came amid a scandal surrounding the disappearance of Paul Ukrainian Mushroom in Belarus.
On 7 September the Director of the Department of consular service of the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vasily Kirilich said that 19-year-old citizen of Ukraine Pavel Grib, who disappeared in the Belarusian Gomel is in control of FSB of Russia in Krasnodar. The foreign Ministry of Ukraine is desperate to get permission to visit the consuls of the detainee and make sure the conditions of his detention and to ensure medicines, it needs.
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On 11 September Russian lawyer Andrei Sabinin was able to meet with Pavel Mushroom. The Ukrainian said that was taken out from Gomel by unknown people and passed on to others unknown, and after about a couple of days in the Smolensk region issued the Protocol of detention. After this he delivered to Krasnodar.
On 15 September, the sister of Paul Mushroom - Olga reported that he was transferred from the remand prison in Krasnodar (Russia) in the hospital, but what and why - is unknown.
She admitted that Russian special services may try using their doctors to refute his diagnosis of the "syndrome of portal hypertension", which her brother is forced to take daily certain medications.
The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine confirmed that Paul of the Fungus was transferred from prison No. 5 to the hospital.