The chief Prosecutor of the Netherlands Fred Westerbeke, who heads the international investigation team (JIT) in the case of MH17, said that the investigation will not stop "until you find all involved, including the commanders and chiefs".

Killing innocent people don't get away with it, the court "Boeing" will be held in the Netherlands - the Prosecutor in the case МН17Об this on their page Facebook wrote the chief editor of " mediaUA" journalist, commenting on an interview with Westerbeke to the New paper.

"Ukrainians did not disappoint us even once during the joint work and provided all the data that we asked for, didn't hide anything, not fabricated and not hidden from us. This can be confirmed and the representatives of other countries from the five JIT. We trust in Ukraine as a member of our group. We would love it to be a Tribunal under the auspices of the UN. But Russia, unfortunately, has blocked the initiative in the security Council. Therefore, the JIT member countries it was decided that the court will be held in the Netherlands in our national legislation. I think that our legal system has proven its reliability, transparency and independence, in addition, our justice openly. We will do everything that this court has held, hundreds of families around the world, and this allows us to relax. We will not stop until we find all involved, including the commanders and chiefs and let's keep in mind those who hoped that killing the innocent can get away with it", - quotes the words Westerbeke Glavred " mediaUA".

"Yes, about that we are on the Russian TV do not hear. The unprecedented statement. The case of the "Boeing" will be brought to court, and wine of the Putin regime will be proved," - said the journalist.

We will remind, the plane "Boeing-777" Malaysian airlines from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down on 17 July 2014 in the area of Torez (Donetsk region). Killing 298 people.
"mediaUA" repeatedly reported about the investigation of the causes of the disaster "Boeing" flight MH17, and also published exclusive photos of the hangar and photographs of the striking elements of "Buk-M1-2", which appear in the materials of the criminal case. The Prosecutor's office of the Netherlands and Australia have produced very convincing evidence base. In particular, it was found that submunitions, hit the "Boeing", in exactly the same as the filling of the warhead is the latest Russian anti-aircraft missiles "Buk-M1-2". Complex "Buk-M-1-2" was developed in 1997 and put into service of the armed forces in 1998 and never delivered to Ukraine. Also, independent experts from Germany, England and Poland, have studied the fragments of the wreckage and made their opinion: this is a part of Russian Buk missiles. Modern chemical examination absolutely found the composition of the metal, discovered particles of material of plating and glass that is the dead ship, which penetrated those elements before hitting people.
In November 2015, President Petro Poroshenko during his visit to the Netherlands, said that Ukraine uses the membership in the UN security Council in the investigation of the tragedy of the Boeing flight MH17.
In may 2016 an Australian legal firm LHD filed a lawsuit against Russia and Russian President Vladimir Putin to the European court of human rights (ECHR) on behalf of relatives of victims of the "Boeing" of Malaysia airlines flight MH17 shot down on 17 July 2014 over Ukraine-controlled territories in the East part of the country.
The lawsuit of the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin named as defendant and which requires the payment of $10 million for each passenger, was filed on 9th of may.
17 July 2016 the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko stressed that only Russia is obstructing the investigation of the crash Malaysian "Boeing".
"Russia abusing veto power, has blocked the decision of the UN security Council to establish an International Tribunal to investigate the shooting down of "MH17", which is an indirect and logical evidence of her involvement in the crime. Despite this, we together with our partners we do everything necessary to ensure the prosecution of all those responsible for this tragedy," he said.
In the autumn of last year, the international investigation team (JIT) presented the findings, according to which the Malaysian "Boeing" was hit by a missile "earth-air" installation "Beech", shot from the area of the Donbas town of Snow (at the time was under the control of "DNR"). The investigation team is represented by five countries: Malaysia, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Ukraine. Russian participation in joint investigation group refused.