Employees of the main Directorate of the National police of Ukraine in Kiev on Wednesday arrested in the "government quarter" 11 activists in connection with the obstruction in the return of previously selected law enforcement non-lethal weapons, including shields.

Under the Rada detained 11 activists from the selected police shields. Later they were released (updated)reports mediaUA, reported the Agency "Interfax-Ukraine" on Wednesday evening the head of the press service of capital police Central Board Oksana Blischik.
"All were arrested 11 people, they were taken to the district police. Two already released. After drawing up of administrative reports and they'll all be let go," she said.

According to her, the incident occurred on the grounds that the police had intended to return to the previously selected police boards. The police for some time tried to persuade the activists to voluntarily return the ammunition, but the latter refused and expressed the intention to walk with them in Kiev.
After that, police were forced to take away their non-lethal weapons, and that was done.

However, the chief of the Department of national police of Ukraine in Kyiv Andriy kryschenko, the TV channel "112.Ukraine" said that the shields and other protective ammunition was previously stolen from participating in events to ensure order on Tuesday, employees of the national guard of Ukraine.
"I don't understand why in Kiev in a peaceful European city to walk with shields, and thus to provoke and create a bad image. On the requirements of the police to return the shields and not to disturb the procedure was a failure and the police have taken measures to prevent provocations and withdrew previously stolen from the national guard special funds", - said the head of the Moscow Central Directorate of police.

A. Krishchenko admitted that the police had a point to apply a can of tear gas because the protesters were actively resisted the police officers. Thus, according to him, affected neither by the police nor the activists, no.
"Are administerial for resisting and failure to comply with lawful demands of the police. Two of the detainees already released," - said A. Krishchenko and added that the detainees are checked for involvement in the abduction of special equipment in the framework of the open earlier criminal proceedings.
As of 19:50 all 11 participants of mass protests, detained by the police near the building of Verkhovna Rada, has already returned to the tent city. As told to Agency "Interfax-Ukraine" in the party "movement of new forces Mikheil Saakashvili", the activists were free to police cordon on Grushevsky street in Central Kiev and joined the other protesters.

Answering the question about the whereabouts of Mikhail Saakashvili, the party said: "Saakashvili is now at the headquarters in Museum street. At a meeting of MPs with President Poroshenko, he did not go." "Maybe later, he'll come in the tent city on Grushevskogo" - said the Agency interlocutor.