In the occupied Crimea, despite the statement of the occupants of the "launch third leg of the Russian energy bridge" in the spring of 2016, continues to trip the light.

In the occupied Crimea continues outage

As reported mediaUA with reference to the Crimea.Realities, "Krymenergo" warns the residents about the planned blackouts in February.

On 12 January said the enterprise of the invaders on Facebook. All schedules outages on the website of "Krymenergo".

Previously, the so-called Minister of fuel and energy of the occupied Crimea Vadim Belik reported that, according to estimates, the shortage of electricity in winter in the Crimea can reach 120 megawatts.

A puppet of the Kremlin Sergey Aksenov that the shortage of electricity on the Peninsula is covered by industrial enterprises or commercial properties.

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From December 2015 in the Crimea has ceased to be supplied with electricity from mainland Ukraine because of damage to the electrosupport in the Kherson region. Now Crimea is covered by its own generation generator sets imported from neighboring Russia, and on the energy bridge from Russia's Kuban.