Doctors warn that the percentage vaccinated is still far from the European level.

The number of people willing to be vaccinated against measles in Kiev has increased five times

In the capital within one day were vaccinated against measles is five times more children than usual. Parents who missed or ignored timely vaccinations, catch up, and schools and kindergartens have started to check a child's medical certificate, according to TSN, reports mediaUA.

Someone explains the omission of timely vaccination shot down by a schedule because of other disease, and someone just afraid of the possible epidemic – one way or another, the capital's doctors and nurses increased. Now children vaccinated Belgian free serum, single bottle which is designed for two patients. The shelf life of the drug expires in 2019, the vaccine after opening, store in the fridge with a special temperature regime for no longer than 6 hours. Doctors say that forcing no one can, but has created all the conditions and waiting for conscious parents and their children.

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Currently, the number of patients with measles in the capital has reached 66. Schools and kindergartens have started to check a child's reference to the availability of vaccinations. Burst capture at the Odessa, Kherson oblasts and Transcarpathia.

Abnormal considers the situation with gaps in vaccination, the head of the Ministry Suprun. "It is a great tragedy in a European country where we should have more than 95% of measles vaccine. There are vaccines, they are normal, which are vaccinated around the world," she says. Now, according to the head of the health system, even in the vaccinated areas, the level is far from optimal and is kept at 80%. Meanwhile, new cases of measles have been fixed in the Odessa region, Kherson and Zakarpatye.

As reported in the capital stepped up security measures due to the outbreak of measles, so now unvaccinated children during the month will not be spent on teaching. Meanwhile, the work of the offices of the vaccination will be extended even on weekends. In Kiev, children without a measles vaccine is not going to let the school Preventive measures will remain in place at least a month, but quarantine is not declared.